Motivational Story/Biography

Kaushila turns internship into a career

Despite having talent and strong educational background along with the hard working nature, Kaushila Devi Bishwakarma was having a tough time finding a job in Kathmandu. After years of dedicated study and with her diploma in hand, Kaushila was not content with a job working as a clerk or in retail or tourism. She wanted to make a difference with her education. After several months of looking for a suitable job, Kaushila was tired of hearing the same response from potential employers “Do you have any experience?” This is about the time she heard about a program run by PDRC where recent graduates were offered an opportunity to work with CECI (hyperlink to ceci) partners in Nepal. 

During her placement, she was treated like an employee of the organization, included in staff meetings and given real responsibilities that challenged her. Finally Kaushila felt like she was part of the work world and hoped that she may get a good job because of her internship experience working at CECI. At the end of the placement, Kaushila was called into her manager’s office. She thought, “Well this is it, the good-bye and thank you meeting.” She could not have been more mistaken. By the end of the meeting, Kaushila had signed a work agreement and was officially a full-time paid staff member of CECI. No more job interviews, no more worrying about money. Finally Kaushila’s dream had come true and she had a career.