Meet on "Employment in Dalit youth- Issues and concerns"

DEED organized a meet on "Employment in Dalit youth- Issues and concerns"  on November 15, 2014. The main objective of the meet was to bring educated Dalit youths together for identifying causes of underemployment and unemployment among educated Dalit youths along with possible interventions.
The porogram saw the participation of 24 educated Dalit youths and the group was composed of both the employed and unemployed youth. They were divided into two task forces- Unemployment Task Force and Underemployment Task Force which were then, assigned task of identifying causes of unemployment and underemployment and the intervention required from the various stakeholders. 
A facilitator, note keeper was appointed through a "all consent" proces in each group while a presenter was nominated by the task force themselves. 
The task force were allowed to work separately and the findings were presented by the presenter. The presentation and whole program was summerized by PDRC Executive Director Birendra Bishwokarma and PDRC board member Dr. Ganga Ram Bishwakarma.
The program was facilitated by DEED team leader Riban Mangrati